Selling Tips

Choosing the right agent

Setting the right price

…the two most important factors in ensuring your property sell for the highest price in the shortest possible time.

Equally, the presentation of your home is one of the strongest marketing tools we possess, and can significantly affect the final sale price of your property. Following are a few things to consider when preparing your property for sale;


Street Appeal

First impressions last, and it is important prospective buyers do not drive by without an interior inspection of the property. Make sure the gardening and lawns are well maintained, inspect the roof and gutters, ensure the fences and gates are working and give the yard a general tidy up. Don’t forget the back yard either –  they may not see it first, but it will be something they remember.

Neat as a pin

A clean and tidy home is essential to achieve the sales success. A buyer may call any day of the week, and it is important that your home is presented in its very best form at all times.


Light it up!

Natural light is always a winner, so open up your curtains and switch on some lights so buyers can really see the property. Wash your windows and check all light bulbs are working to maximise the effect.


Clutter free 

Get rid of the clutter! Give your home a good spring clean. If you do not want to part with your sentimentals, start packing some of them away in preparation for the move. It will make your home look more spacious and save on the dusting!


Maximise storage space

Buyers want to be pleasantly surprised by the storage space a home offers. If your cupboards are bursting, it will give the impression that storage is limited. Clean up and clean out – open space is an attractive feature of sale.


Prepare for Home Opens

Before a home open give the home a quick freshen up. Remove kitty litter trays and dog food bowls, don’t leave dishes in the sink, ensure all bedrooms are well presented with valuable and personal items safely away. Play some soft music, but turn the television and radio off. Many people feel the little extras can also create a welcoming environment for buyers, such as the smell of baking bread or coffee brewing, or fresh flowers or healthy plants in the bathroom.


Get out of the house

When buyers are inspecting the home, leave the house. Go out for coffee or take the kids to the park, and let your agent handle the situation that is what they are there for after all. Buyers can feel uncomfortable or uneasy when inspecting a home with spectators.